Unfortunately, we are suspending all lessons and camp at CEC until the executive order is lifted. We also ask that no guest or visitors come on the property at this time.

Boarders and Lease Clients will be permitted at their discretion. Social Distancing and doing what we can to keep the spread of COVID19 are of the utmost importance. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you and your families.

When the restrictions are lifted lessons and regular horsey activities will begin again.

We at Corinthian Equestrian Center have the utmost respect for all who have been doing all that they can to help us get through these tough times with the Coronavirus we have all been dealing with. We have given much thought to what we can do in return and have come up with some discounted prices.

We are offering a reduced price in board at our main barn to $750/month! Our hunt barn is going to be dry stalls and self-care for just $400/month.

We are also holding special discounted horse leasing options to just $350/month

CEC is big on getting our horses out of the ring as well as top training in the ring. We feel it is good for both horse and rider to experience new and exciting things! We have trails on our property and are fortunate enough to be able to trailer out to other beautiful landscapes as well. We also have members in the Windy Hollow Hunt Club and join them on many of their fox hunts and hunter paces!

Feel free to give us a call/text/email if you have any questions! You can reach Kristin, our assistant trainer, and coordinator at (201)-400-2676. Or contact us via email.


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