Clinic with Farrier, George A. Thomson

Corinthian Equestrian Center is holding a free horse safety and handling clinic with retired farrier, George A. Thomson of Western New York on Saturday, August 12th from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

George A. Thomson has been working with horses since the age of fifteen when he first apprenticed as a Farrier in 1955. He specialized throughout his fifty plus years in corrective shoeing to address diseases of the foot and lameness, such as Founder, Navicular, Club Foot, as well as reconstruction of the foot due to trauma. George is known for his ability to shoe not only American Saddlebreds and Morgan horses, but also the hunter, jumper, and eventing breeds. He’s well versed with knowledge of the appropriate movement needed to show the various horse breeds.

George has never been kicked by a horse in all his years with working with them. Find out how to be a friend to your horse, as well as work safely with them.

To reserve your spot, head over to the CEC Facebook page or call Lee Dillon at (973) 617-7744 for more information.

Half-Day Summer Camp!

There are some spots still open for half-day Summer Camp at the CEC!

There is plenty for your child to learn during Corinthian Equestrian Center’s Summer Camp. A full week of fun, sun and fresh air! Let your child get down and dirty at the stable for a busy week of half-day summer camp for ages 5-8 or full-day summer camp for ages 9 to 15 years. Children are separated during camp by age and experience. 

On Friday’s the last day of camp, campers will show off their new skills by participating in a Horse Show! Parents are welcome to attend.

Pizza Party on Fridays, the last day of camp!

Half-day summer camp from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm or 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm includes sessions on horsemanship with riding lessons and alternating days of hour-long crafts and swimming. Children should bring a snack each day.

Horsemanship teaching covers general horse care and anatomy, nutrition and how to spot sickness in a horse, grooming, care of tack, and discussions about the various breeds of horses and riding disciplines.

Half-day Summer Camp: $230.00
Ages 5-8

Half-Day Summer Camp 2017 Schedule

July 10-14 (9-1)
July 31-August 4 (9-1)


Corinthian Equestrian Center Liability Release
Warnings Page 1
Warnings Page 2
Medical History
Authorization for Medical Treatment

Call the Lee at CEC to book now at (973) 617-7744!

Spots Still Available for Summer Camp!

Summer is upon us and Corinthian Equestrian Center has weeklong half-day and full-day camp scheduled for children 5 to 15 years from June to August. There are spots still available for parents to sign-up your child for a week of fun in the sun with horses!

For more information about summer camp at CEC, please head over to our camp page here!

CEC is Hiring!

Corinthian Equestrian Center CEC, LLC at 39 Foley Road in Warwick, New York is hiring barn hands, with three to five years experience handling horses to work daily and on alternating weekends. CEC wishes to have at minimum, two staff on hand daily to maintain the high quality of care that is necessary for our horse residents and the facilities.

Responsibilities for administering horse maintenance duties for 23 stalls in the Main Bard, 6 stalls in the Hunter Barn, and 4 stalls in the Little Red Barn Jessup Road Farm include:

• Twice daily feeding and watering
• Daily turnout and in
• Stall cleaning daily
• Daily filling of large water tubs in turnout areas
• Weekly or as needed cleaning and filling large water tubs in turnout areas
• Assist farrier and vet calls as needed
• Grooming upon request of clients
• Caring for injured or sick horses as needed

Facilities maintenance responsibilities include:
• Maintaining all isles, tack rooms, and wash areas
• Daily cleaning and stocking of bathrooms
• Weekly or as needed deep cleaning of bathrooms
• Daily cleaning of foyer way, lounge, and kitchen
• Weekly or as needed deep cleaning of foyer way, lounge, and kitchen
• Dragging of indoor and outdoor arenas as needed
• Weekly watering of indoor arena
• Repair, grounds maintenance, snow removal, as needed limited to staff availability

Employees of the Corinthian Equestrian Center are expected to be respectful to clients and handle our horse residents with care. CEC staff should consider themselves a resource for all of our residents, horse and human alike.

The daily schedule and alternating weekends will be arranged by the Barn Manager.

Interviewing for full-time and part-time positions now. To apply please send a letter of interest, resume, and the contact information of three references to Lee Dillon, Owner at

Dressage at CEC

My name is Diane Mansour and I’m very happy to be working with my students at the lovingly renovated Corinthian Equestrian Center. As a trainer, I see my role in helping the dressage horse and rider gain their fullest potential as artists and athletes. Experience of more than fifty years, first as a young hunter/jumper, then as a dressage rider, breeder, and facility manager, convinces me that this happens through kindness, insight, and persistent work. With patient and informed guidance, I work with riders of all ages and at all levels through Prix St. George to engage successfully and joyfully in the discipline of classical dressage.

If you’re interested in taking dressage lessons at CEC, contact Diane at (845) 986-5762. For more information about riding lessons in another discipline contact Lee Dillon at (973) 617-7744 or through the Contact Form.

Fast Steed, Sure Rider

Corinthian’s Armani and his owner, Lee Dillon had a number of fantastic rides at the Garden State Preview Horse Show on Sunday, April 30th. Armani and Lee were the Champion team in the Puddle Jumper (2’6″) Division!

Armani and Lee, Champions at the Garden State Preview Horse Show, April 30, 2017.

The Garden State Preview is only their second jumper show together. Lee has been working with Armani for a number of months now and more recently with CEC’s resident hunter/jumper trainer, Ken Okken.

Armani is responsive and very fast (he’s a speed demon), particularly in the power speed round, working the first eight fences clean and quick before hitting fence number nine where his fast button goes to supersonic!

Check out the video of their power speed round below.


Hunter Pace at Windy Hollow Hunt!

Hunter Pace at Windy Hollow Hunt, April 23, 2017.

Team Corinthian had a fabulous time participating in the Hunter Pace at the Windy Hollow Hunt on Sunday, April 23rd!

A Hunter Pace is a low-key cross-country riding competition evolved from Fox Hunting. The Hunter Pace simulates the Fox Hunt with a set course throughout the countryside and participants have the opportunity to enjoy open fields and woodlands, often on private properties, throughout the day.

Corinthian’s Hunter Pace Team of Kelly Hamling riding Corinthian’s Wildcard (Carder), Julia Roy MacDonald riding Corinthian’s Crimson Hunt (Handsome), and Lee Dillon riding Corinthian’s Armani took first place in the Novice Division.

The next Windy Hollow Hunt, Hunter Pace is scheduled for Sunday, May 14th to start at Corinthian’s Jessup Road Farm. More information about the Pace can be found at Windy Hollow Hunt.

The next upcoming event is the Garden State Preview Horse Show, April 29th to 30th at the Sussex County Fairgrounds in Augusta, New Jersey. Ken Okken, Corinthian’s resident Hunter and Jumper Trainer is the assistant manager for the show and has designed all of the courses. Lee Dillon, CEC’s owner will be riding Handsome in the hunter division on Saturday and Armani in the jumper division on Sunday. Come spend the weekend at the show!

Spring and Summer Season at CEC!

Spring is upon us at Corinthian Equestrian Center!

We’re planning a full Season of Lessons, Camp and Horse Shows! First up – Garden State Horse Show! Come learn and Show with us and please feel free to visit us at our beautiful Facility in Warwick, NY. Corinthian features a large Indoor Ring connected to many Stalls, 2 outdoor Rings and acres of turn out.

Lessons and Training by Ken Okken and Lee Dillon. Ken is a USEF “R” Hunter, Equitation and Jumper Judge, “R” Steward and Course Designer. Come learn from the “Judges Eye”.

Accepting Boarders and Sales Horses, we look forward to being of service to you and your horse!

All about the Garden State Horse Show.

For more information about CEC’s Summer Camp head over here!

Corinthian’s Mika

An occasional visitor at Corinthian Equestrian Center, Mika aspires to be a full-time barn dog. She is a five-year-old purebred Black German Sheppard that gets crazy with excitement when the truck is headed to the stable. Highly intelligent (basically she’s a smarty pants), she has taught her owner Ed that even spelling out the words, BARN and RIDE rather than saying them is a sure fire way to get her full attention. She loves to play in the indoor arena and then hang out in the lounge, surveying her domain. In love with Belvedere, her doggy boyfriend, Mika is the boss at home and Belle caters to her every whim.

Mika and Ed

Mika is obsessed with three things…

One, her daddy Ed, who would be lost without her.

Two, her toys, particularly any form of ball (and of course, fetching them). A word of caution, if you start throwing a ball for her, you’ll tucker out throwing them long before she’ll tire of fetching them. It’s a slippery slope and the guilt she instills in your heart when you do get tired is epic.

And three, her stable, Corinthian Equestrian Center CEC, LLC.

Mika is all sweetness and non-stop energy!

Birthday Parties at CEC!

Corinthian Equestrian Center CEC, LLC offers to host birthday parties for your child and their friends. Spend two hours of fun at the stable riding, opening presents, and eating cake!

CEC’s birthday party program offers your child and their guests an hour of horse and pony riding, including grooming with the second-hour allocated to opening presents, eating cake, and playing games planned by parents in the lounge, stable, or outdoors. You have the option of decorating CEC’s indoor and outdoor facilities to personalize them for your child’s party.

One to four horses and ponies can be requested for your party.

Price: $100/horse (4 children/horse)

Form: Corinthian Equestrian Center Liability Release

Contact owner, Lee Dillon to book now at 973-617-7744 or