Hunter Barn
Main Barn


We offer boarding in the Main Barn and in our Hunter Barn. Our Main Barn boarders are located in beautiful stalls attached to the Main Barn, while our Hunter Barn boarders have a separate private barn just steps away from our Main Barn. Amenities at the Main Barn include a heated and air-conditioned viewing room with kitchen, two half baths and WiFi.

Basic board includes feeding of grain twice a day along with premium hay. We feed round bales for group turnouts during the cold winter months. Daily turnout or night turnout during the summer is available for individuals, pairs, or groups for 9 to 12 hours daily. CEC staff will apply sheets, blankets, boots, and fly masks as required for turnouts. Individual box fans are included for the Hunt Barn during the summer months. Boarding also includes daily stall cleaning with wood shavings for bedding, fresh water both indoor and outdoor, and fully matted stalls.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: CEC staff will administer supplements, medication, or electrolytes provided by boarders. Worming may be done five times per year. Daily hoof picking and grooming after turnout, body clipping, sheath cleaning, along with leg wrapping and unwrapping are all available as extras.

All boarders have access to the hot/cold wash stall.


Premium board includes all the services of the basic board with additional services. CEC staff will train and groom your horse three days per week, and in inclement weather will hand walk your horse if turnout isn’t viable. Boarders have a choice of grain if their horse is not on our feed. CEC staff will provide daily hoof picking after turnout, wound cleaning and dressing, wrapping and unwrapping legs upon request, body clipping services in the spring and fall, trimming of ears, muzzle, and legs once per month or as needed, sheath cleaning as needed, and worming five times per year at no charge. In addition, you may call two hours ahead and CEC staff will tack and untack your horse.

Message us for a tour, availability, and pricing.

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