Each of our horses have their own unique personalities. Most of them are able to do it all, from the pony ride to more advanced jumping lessons. They are all extremely safe and bring us so much joy and happiness with their ability to help us fly.


Corinthian’s Wild Card

Carder is an 18-year-old 15hh Registered Morgan Horse. He is a multi Champion HOTY 2017, 2018, National HOTY Champion 2018.  Multi Morgan Breed Championships since 2009. Carder was 6 years old, stall bound and minimally handled when he was bought by Lee.  His training was highly difficult but rewarding. He is known as our “OG” as he is able to help our beginner students learn the basics and then move on to teaching our more experienced students to progress in their jumping abilities.

Carder shows in Driving, Hunt Seat Equitation, Hunters Pleasure US/OF, (2’, 2’6”,3’) Saddle Seat, Cross Country, Training Level progressing to 2d Level Dressage.  He is a Seasoned Fox Hunter First Flight.


Corinthian’s Crimson Hunt

Handsome is an 18-year-old 16.2hh Registered Appaloosa (Appendix). He is a multi Champion in the Appaloosa World Championships in Western Pleasure and Hunter Pleasure. Lee has retrained him for Jumping, Cross Country, and Dressage. He is 2d Horse in CEC Hunt Team.

Handsome shows in Hunt Seat Equitation, Hunters Pleasure US/OF, (2’, 2’6”,3’ progressing to 3’6”) Jumpers Level 0,1 and 2.  Cross Country, Training Level, 1st Level, 2 Level Dressage progressing to 3d Level. He is a Seasoned Fox Hunter First Flight. Handsome was rescued from an abusive trainer along with his friends Dora and Grace.  Handsome’s tail was broken and he was terrified and distrusting of people. He has come a very long way and helps our more advanced students learn to canter and jump.


Corinthian’s Eagle

Eagle is a 7-year-old 16.1hh Registered Friesian Sport Horse. He is The Headless Horseman of Warwick’s Horse. He is a multi-Champion HOTY 2017, 2018 Part Bred Friesian Sport Horse.

Eagle shows in Driving, Hunt Seat Equitation US/OF, (2’, 2’6”, 3’) Saddle Seat, Jumpers Level 0, 1, progressing to Level 2, Cross Country, and is a Seasoned Fox Hunter First Flight. Eagle was rescued from the Amish. He was severely underweight and afraid of people. But within 2 months of love and work, he became the Horse of the Headless Horseman and thrills people of all ages all around the area. We are hired for all types of events from parties to weddings. As part of our lesson program, Eagle helps teach our students how to improve their jumping skills and dressage work.


Corinthian’s Hot Shot

Hansel is a 13-year-old 14.1 hh POA Pony. Multi Champion Garden State Horse Show Sussex County Horse. Hansel was a Gaming pony that was retrained by Lee Dillon for children riding lessons to advance Jumping.

Hansel shows in Level 0, 1, 2 Jumpers. Hunter Pleasure, Intro to Training Level Dressage, Cross Country.  He is a Seasoned Fox Hunter First Flight.

In our program, Hansel is definitely a favorite. He is very good with the little ones just learning the basics of horseback riding and also loves to jump!


Corinthian’s Little Bit

Bitty AKA Boo Boo is a 13-year-old 14.2hh Arabian/Welsh cross pony. Bitty has been with CEC for 2 years. She was a Champion Competition Driving pony. Lee Dillon trained her under saddle and she has been a favorite of the barn. Bitty came to Lee through a good ER colleague who loved and treated her like a princess.

Bitty shows in Hunt Pleasure US. Level 0, Level 1 Jumpers currently. She is competing in introductory training level in dressage. She has some experience in Cross Country as well. She is a seasoned Fox Hunter 2nd Flight. She is in training for 1st Flight and to progress to Level 2 Jumpers.


Corinthian’s Hunting for Grace

Grace is a 5-year-old 16.2hh Registered Appaloosa mare. Grace is just starting her career with CEC and has been with and trained by Lee since she was 1 year old. Grace came to CEC starved and neglected. She was not started under saddle until she was 3 years old as her growth had been stunted and she needed that time catch up.  

Grace will show in hunter equitation US/OF Hunter Pleasure US/OF. From Mini Stirrup to 2’6” progressing to 3’. She is in training Level for Dressage. Grace has had her first season of Cross Country, Hunter Pacing, Fox Hunting and Trail riding.

She is great in CEC’s lesson program and even the summer camp program. Even though she is still in training with Lee and her staff she is making amazing progress. This horse is not worried about a thing, you would never be able to tell that she is so young!

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