Summer camp is a blast for kids of all ages! At CEC we start our day with an activity based around horses. Then we get our horses ready for riding! For first-timers, we spend the time teaching them about how to groom and tack up the horses. After everyone has their horse ready for riding we ride! This is where we take the time to teach the basics of riding and then have a little fun with some mounted games. We usually split the camp into groups for riding so each child can get some individual time with our trainer. While the first group rides the other group does a craft project. After riding we have lunch and then go for a swim in our pond to stay cool!

Kids should wear long pants or jeans and boots with a small heel. Parents should pack a lunch, water, something to tie-dye (shirt, headband, pillowcase, etc.) towel, swimsuit, and floaties if necessary.

Summer Camp 2023

Please download our registration form and send it back to us to sign up for summer camp 2023! You can either e-mail us at, stop by and drop it off or mail it to us.

Full Schedule and Costs

Summer Camp!

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