Corinthian’s Mika

An occasional visitor at Corinthian Equestrian Center, Mika aspires to be a full-time barn dog. She is a five-year-old purebred Black German Sheppard that gets crazy with excitement when the truck is headed to the stable. Highly intelligent (basically she’s a smarty pants), she has taught her owner Ed that even spelling out the words, BARN and RIDE rather than saying them is a sure fire way to get her full attention. She loves to play in the indoor arena and then hang out in the lounge, surveying her domain. In love with Belvedere, her doggy boyfriend, Mika is the boss at home and Belle caters to her every whim.

Mika and Ed

Mika is obsessed with three things…

One, her daddy Ed, who would be lost without her.

Two, her toys, particularly any form of ball (and of course, fetching them). A word of caution, if you start throwing a ball for her, you’ll tucker out throwing them long before she’ll tire of fetching them. It’s a slippery slope and the guilt she instills in your heart when you do get tired is epic.

And three, her stable, Corinthian Equestrian Center CEC, LLC.

Mika is all sweetness and non-stop energy!

Corinthian’s Crimson Hunt aka “Handsome”

Handsome and Leah

A twelve-year-old Appaloosa and Thoroughbred cross, Handsome is an attractive gentleman! He is a multiple top ten National Appaloosa Champion, experienced in the disciplines of Hunt Seat, lower-level jumping, and Western riding. He is currently being trained for fox hunting, as well as Dressage.

Handsome is a calm mount with a sweet disposition who has a little bit of spunk at just the right times. At sixteen hands and willing to please, Handsome’s sweet nature is wonderful for any level rider.

Corinthian’s Armani

armani4The CEC’s newest equine resident, Armani is a black beauty Thoroughbred from southern, New Jersey. Armani has competed extensively on the eastern seaboard including HITS Ocala and HITS Saugerties. At ten years old and seventeen hands high, Armani is an experience veteran of the Hunter Jumper world. He’s currently in training as a field hunter, as well as in dressage for future eventing.

armani3A very handsome boy, Armani is totally chill in personality, though he likes to get up and go! A sweet talker, he’s willing to learn and move, providing beginners through experienced riders with a willing partnership.

Corinthian Wild Card aka “Carder”

Corinthian Wild Card
Corinthian Wild Card

Carder is a flashy steed to ride! A fifteen-year-old Morgan horse out of Corinthian Morgan’s of Ohio, Carder is a multi-discipline champion in Saddle and Hunt seat. He also drives beautifully.

Carder is extremely broke for any level rider, with a sweet and playful nature, who will lovingly find a way to stain your shirt with goobers after a long ride.

You wouldn’t think a fifteen-hand Morgan horse could jump, but Carder sails over obstacles with sass. He currently fox hunts with his owner Lee Dillon, as part of Windy Hollow Hunt and has the skills of a lower level Jumping and Dressage veteran.

Carder and Lee
Carder and Lee
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