Meet Our Trainers

Owner and Head Trainer

Lee and Armani

Lee Dillon

Lee is the owner of CEC. She has been training horses professionally for over 30 years. She has championships in multiple arenas including hunter/jumper, saddle seat, driving, and cross country. She has also been fox hunting first flight for 7 years. She even has 2 horse of the year multi-championships with Corinthian’s Carder and Corinthian’s Eagle! If that isn’t enough, Lee also is a farrier and a trauma 1 ER front-line active health care worker. Needless to say, this woman can do it all!

Lessons with Lee Dillon

1 hour Private Lesson: $85

30 Minute Private Lesson: $70

Semi-Private Lesson $75

Group Lesson: $65

CEC’s Barn Manager

Assistant Trainer

Angela Koulikov

Angela Koulikov is CEC’s Barn Manager and Assistant Trainer. Angela has been an animal lover since she was little. Her love and passion for horses was there ever since she could walk and talk. Angela started seriously acting upon her love of horses in 2015 when she started volunteering at Winslow Therapeutic Riding Center. She has been with CEC since later 2017 and since has received many championships including Reserve Champion in the low hunter division and Champion in the .80 jumpers with the Hudson Valley Horse Show Series as well as receiving their scholarship in 2019.

Angela graduated from Centenary University in May 2022 with a B.S in Equine Studies. Her time there really expanded her love for jumpers and her start to eventing as well as gave her a well rounded education. She loves doing it all at CEC. Riding, training, teaching, and being the manager! She especially loves the time she gets with her horse Handsome. She is absolutely dedicated and her passion really shows in her work with the students here at CEC.

Assistant Trainer and Instructor

Carly and Tex

Carly Fernandez

Carly Fernandez is the new assistant instructor. She 24 years old and has been riding since she was 6. She became serious about horses at 10 when she began reteaching a retired hunter jumper to do western pleasure. After great success with that horse, Carly had an opportunity to train a 3 year old mare in the western disciplines. Then at 17 Carly saved enough money to buy herself her own horse, Vested Revelations aka Texas. Texas currently resides at Corinthian Equestrian center where he is available as a school horse. Carly has become knowledgeable in most western and English disciplines and has turned Texas into an all around horse. She still continues her English training with Lee Dillon and Angela Koulikov. Carly has also held a PATH international therapeutic riding certification for almost 2 years and works with people with disabilities.

Working Student Instructors

Luci and Eagle

Luci Vanella

Luci is one of CEC’s working students. She is currently in college getting her liberal arts degree. Ever since Luci was a little girl she has been interested in horses and when she was just 4 years old she got her first lesson. After attending our summer camp Luci started taking lessons here, and more she has been riding at CEC for nearly 6 years. During her time here she’s come to love trail riding and barebacking her favorite horse Eagle.

She is sharing her love for horseback riding by teaching some of our younger students. Luci’s patience and love for the sport make her a perfect addition to our CEC staff.

Maya and Grace

Maya Neil

Maya is another one of CEC’s “barn rats.” She has been an animal lover since she could walk and talk. She even had her own animal bakery on Etsy! After high school graduation her goal is to study veterinary medicine in college. Maya has been riding since she was six years old and has been with the CEC crew the last four years. Her favorite horse here at CEC is Grace who she loves eventing with! Who she now is the proud owner of!

Maya’s determination and passion for the horses and learning makes her a great asset as a working student here at CEC.



Lessons with Working Students

1 hour Private Lesson: $60

30 Minute Private Lesson: $45

Semi-Private Lesson $50

Group Lesson: $40

Ken Okken (USEF Show Judge for Hunters, Jumpers & Equitation) $100.00 for a 1-hour private lesson

Please text or call Lee Dillon, Owner of CEC to schedule a lesson appointment ‭+1 (973) 617-7744


Daily Riding Lesson
Horsemanship Lessons
Homework time, and encouragement

🦄 Saddle Club is for students (a.k.a. horse-crazy kids) and includes:
Excellent outdoor exercise
Make new friends and work as a team
Learn compassion for another creature
All in a safe and supervised environment

Daily Schedule:

Program Runs 3:45pm to 6:45pm
Snack, then an activity such as

Grooming & tacking,
Homework help
Crafts & movies,
Pick up time is 6:45 – 7:00 pm at CEC

As children progress, we can also offer mounted lessons in the ring and horsemanship lessons in the barn.  As we are firm believers that kids learn by doing, we give “hands-on” experience with the horses.  After school riders learn to groom and tack their mounts, along with the basics of horse care and proper barn safety.  We love our after school riders because they are always full of energy and fun! The Saddle Club offers it all for a very competitive price.

Call, text or email today and learn about how to get your child enrolled! Saddle Club Members also receive a discount on riding lessons!
You may register for certain weeks or the whole semester!

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